Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft is an amazing Action-adventure/survival game for PC. Released October 7, 2011. Developed and published by Mojang (and 4J Studios). As any other online game, you need to host it on a remote server so people can connect and play against othes. Pick the Minecraft server hosting provider that you feel comfortable, take a look at the reviews and start the game!

Compare Minecraft Server Hosting

We compare the TOP 3 Minecraft hosting companies based on 3 major factors.
Host Admin Panel Slots Range Price/Slot
GameServers.com - logo Game Servers CP 10 - 50 $0.40
Abcgameservers.com - logo TCAdmin 2 10 - 20 $0.20
Fragner.net - logo TCAdmin 2 15 - 40 $0.22